About Diana

Broken relationships in my early years caused me to question where my life was going. I needed answers for my emotional pain, so I decided to study psychology, sociology, and child development in college. After college, I continued to pursue personal healing by reading, studying, and attending yearly spiritual retreats. God was providing me with the skills I needed to become emotionally and spiritually healthy. But I also felt God calling me to share my discoveries with others. He opened opportunities for me to teach personal development classes through church, community colleges, and businesses. My quest to build a solid relationship with myself, others and God opened a deeper place of spiritual questioning. I had a relationship with the Lord, but I needed Biblical grounding to understand my place in His story. The Lord called me to seminary. During seminary, I discovered God wanted me to learn how to guide others through their personal pain and conflicts so they might draw closer to Him. After my Master’s program, I combined years of research with my own personal journey, to create the materials found in Undivided Heart, Book One and Book Two. In my daily search for God, I have developed the habit of journaling. Writing out the events and experiences in my growing relationship with Him has provided the stories found in my Extraordinary in the Ordinary series. These devotional and small group study books reveal vulnerable moments in my prayer life that keep me walking closely with the Lord. Many years ago, God promised me: books, a ministry of healing, and a victorious life of spiritual and emotional maturity, not only for myself, but for my children…and His children. There is no greater JOY than seeing God fulfill His promises.