Shemä International serves individuals as they journey to a deeper understanding of their relationship with the Divine

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Clearly hear God’s voice for your everyday life! Through Spiritual Direction, grow closer to God and others. Walk through Inner Healing and be wholly transformed.

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Individual Spiritual Direction

Individual Spiritual Direction equips you with the skills to handle inner and outer conflict with confidence. You acquire the freedom and courage to move forward in your spiritual journey with God.
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Individual Inner Healing

Individual Inner Healing provides emotional and spiritual healing from painful memories welling up from past trauma. Through prayer of healing, you clear the heart of burdens that stunt spiritual growth.
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Undivided Heart

Through the Undivided Heart workbooks, you receive the tools to identify feelings connected with stressful events, name and categorize the effect emotions have on your well-being, and work through events, feelings, and beliefs that keep you stuck in detrimental behaviors.
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Winter Flowers by Z

“It’s easy to freeze up and toughen. We all need winter flowers in our lives right now-simple small gestures of tender-heartedness that help warm us up and help our hearts melt.”

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