Individual Inner Healing

What is Inner Healing?

Inner Healing is a spiritual counseling process in which you will work with Diana, a trained spiritual director to find emotional and spiritual healing. Painful memories can influence current events and hinder your spiritual growth. Using a series of guided questions and prayer, Diana will help you to walk through places of forgiveness of self and others, which leads to spiritual freedom. You will also be guided to identify and reject lies that undermine your confidence in God. You will move forward in courage to handle conflicts, changing events, and the spiritual seasons of your life.

What happens in an inner healing session?

After Diana opens the session in prayer, you will share the circumstances or concerns that have lead you to seek inner healing. While you share, God will reveal where there is brokenness or disconnect with yourself, Him, or others. With Diana’s help, you will work through heart-level forgiveness that will release you to follow your God given gifting. You will be helped to hear from God in order to be emotionally and spiritually free. The session will end with encouragement to move forward in peace and confidence.

What are the results of inner healing?

After an inner healing session, you will realize how to no longer carry the emotional or mental burden that comes from offenses in your relationships. The heart-hurt that occurred is replaced by heart-healing found in scriptural truth from God. You will leave with the reassurance, peace, and confidence that God is with you and your current situation. You will become wise on how to handle current conflicts and current events using biblical truths and encouragement from what God revealed in the inner healing session. The hope is to walk away with a stronger relationship with God and a better understanding of how He works in and cares about your everyday life.

Ready to get started?

Connect with Diana to discuss your interest in inner healing.

Diana uses her Undivided Heart Workbook Series to guide individuals through spiritual direction sessions and inner healing.​