Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

spiritual direction

Christian Spiritual Direction provides you with a trained listener; a confidential coach. A spiritual director provides a safe place for you to explore thoughts and feelings about current internal/external problems. Your spiritual director guides you through areas of current conflict or circumstances surrounding topics such as: personal spiritual growth, relationship and communication with God, and/or interactions and communication with others.

Individual Spiritual Direction

Individual Spiritual Direction equips you with the skills to handle conflict with confidence. You will acquire the freedom and courage to move forward in your spiritual journey with God for yourself and those around you.

Individual Inner Healing

Individual Inner Healing provides emotional and spiritual healing from painful memories welling up from past trauma. Through prayer of healing, you clear the heart of burdens that stunt spiritual growth.

Let's explore the vision God has for you.

As a spiritual director, Diana E. Greene uses her seminary education, her diverse leadership training, and her experiences working with people from all walks of life to guide individuals toward spiritual insights grounded in Biblical truths. Diana uses discussions, questions, and activities centered in her Undivided Heart workbooks to equip individuals with the skills to overcome personal spiritual problems as well as conflicts with others.

Diana E. Greene

Diana uses her Undivided Heart Workbook Series to guide individuals through spiritual direction sessions and inner healing.

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