Individual Christian Spiritual Direction

What is Individual Spiritual Direction?

Individual Spiritual Direction opens the way for you to deepen your understanding and relationship with yourself and the Divine. Diana is a trained, experienced listener, who gives you a safe place to explore your thoughts and feelings concerning internal and external events in your life.

What happens in a spiritual direction session?

In spiritual direction, Diana uses the tools found in her Undivided Heart workbooks to guide you through concerns that may be hindering your relationship with yourself, God, and others.

You will be assisted to recognize:

  • your values
  • lies and faulty belief systems that keep you stuck
  • challenges to your thought patterns that thwart positive action
  • the four anger emotions that keep you stuck physically, mentally and spiritually
  • how to develop healthy boundaries
  • how to strengthen a positive communication style
  • how to build skills for conflict resolution
  • the positives of spontaneity
  • how to develop healthy boundaries
  • authentic intimacy begins with first understanding who you are in relation to the Divine

Ready to get started?

Come learn how to develop the skills that will challenge you to reach the life you desire.

Diana uses her Undivided Heart Workbook Series to guide individuals through spiritual direction sessions and inner healing.​