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Mountain Tops and Farming Fields

Mountain Tops and Farming Fields

Edited by Amanda L. Greene

From my perspective, sitting in my dining room, I see a 40 acre farm through my picture window. Beyond that, I see Hwy 211; leading to neighboring towns. The cars move along unaware of my presence. I pray for some of them, though I cannot see their faces, nor do I know their names.

I wonder if those on the highway notice Mt. Hood in the distance. Sometimes, it is illuminated, as the sun rises and shimmers over its snowy cap. Other times, the fog hides it from view.

With my limited eyesight, I cannot see anyone climbing Mt. Hood, but I wonder, with the right binoculars, can they see me?

Perspective is a funny thing. When you are close, practically on top of something, you can only see a small portion. But when you climb to higher ground, you can survey for miles.

I realize, when I am on a personal mountain top, I can see where I am going on life’s journey: I am alive, adventuresome, and gigantic!  I feel like: “I’m on top of the world!” This is a place of visions. From this perspective, I can breathe in the fresh air, feel the breeze on my face, and be filled with dreams of tomorrow.

I prefer this mountain top view. Because once I move down into the “farmer’s field” of life, where the real work must be done, I can get bogged down, tired, overwhelmed. The mundane tasks can drag me down.The work of the field looms large and I feel very small.

But tomorrow’s dreams are only reached through today. The field must be plowed, seeded, watered, and tended to.

Perspective Reflection

January is a time to look ahead, prepare, and plan. As I plan for this upcoming year, setting goals and dreams of what we want to accomplish as a Ministry, I remember God sees the whole picture. It is a comfort to know that there is Someone who has a much larger perspective of my life than me. He sees what I cannot, though my mood may sometimes cloud my view or understanding of Him, He does not change His ever present care.

Even though I plan with the perspective I have today, I know God will guide us as we move through this year. If we keep listening, He will guide us as we make changes, not just on the mountain top, but while plowing new ground.

What are your goals for this year? Include God in your plans. Listen to His voice as you work through your tasks. Trust in his perspective and believe He will clear the rocks ahead of you to make the plowing a little easier.

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