Art of Distractions

A friend picked me up just before dusk on our way to an evening prayer meeting. As we headed down the highway we slowed down at a 4-way stop. My friend looked right. As she looked left, I looked right again. A 4×4 silver long bed pickup truck came barreling down the two-lane highway; he

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Beach Key

Lost Key

 “Have you found the key yet?” My husband asked, frustrated.  “No!” I answered   “Where have you looked? I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t imagine where you might have put it.” He was dumbfounded.  We were headed for the beach house for the weekend. A much needed get-away to regroup, read, talk, and just be.  The

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Misunderstandings Stink!

Living in a small city, close to Houston, TX we were expected to separate our garbage into categories: debris, glass and newspapers. Details are not my thing! So I didn’t worry about small stinky discrepancies. My husband, after skinning some fish, put the skeletal remains in a folded up newspaper, then placed it in the

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Ice Angel

Ice skating is not one of my better sports. I don’t know how John talked me into going to the skating rink at the Houston Mall, but he did. When we hit the ice, John took off! He came back skating around me and then backwards as he asked, “Do you want any help?” “No”,

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